Windows 8 Release Date Announced, Microsoft Surface Tablets To Follow Soon?

We’ve been eager to learn more about the upcoming Windows 8 ever since we first talked about it more than one year ago, and despite the fact that the company did not reveal, at the time, any information concerning the release date of their new OS, we suspected it will all happen in autumn 2012.

Windows 8 Release Date

A few months ago we heard some rumors that made sense, indicating that Windows 8 will in fact be launched this October, in pure Windows XP and 7 fashion. It all made sense in our minds, and sure enough Microsoft has just revealed the exact release date of Windows 8, confirming our expectations.

Windows 8 Release Date Announced, Microsoft Surface Tablets To Follow Soon?
Microsoft has recently revealed that the new Windows 8 platform will be launched on 26th of October. As you may recall, when the rumors about an October launch first surfaced, Microsoft also announced that the new OS will be launched for a number of Intel-powered machines as well as for some ARM-based tablets. Furthermore, word around the campfire is that a Windows 8 Pro version is also in the works for a later launch.

Microsoft Surface

Now, speaking of tablets, not long ago the Microsoft Surface made an appearance as well, boasting a pretty cool design, high-end specs and, overall, a device that might be a strong competitor to both Apple and Asus. We’re not sure whether or not the Surface tablet will see the light of day on the same date as Windows 8, but if not, we’re pretty sure that the tablet’s release date will follow very shortly.

We’re quite curious how this whole story will develop. Windows 8 brings a bucket of interesting features to the table, and the Microsoft Surface tablets look very promising. One more strong competitor in this segment will definitely make things more interesting and will prevent things to go stale.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more.



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