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Review: Skype for Windows RT – rating (3/5)

Skype for Windows 8/Windows RT

I like Skype and I using it on all my devices, but I have to say that implementation for Windows RT is the worst version ever. The main problem are Limitation of Windows RT and Metro apps, but Skype Team

Is it the right time to buy a tablet?


The tablet market finally seems to have moved beyond a one-horse, Apple iPad monopoly. Google’s Nexus 7 has made a splash in the tablet market, and Amazon’s unveiling of the new Kindle Fire lineup will shake things up a bit

Has Microsoft lost the tablet war before it begins?


Asus’ Windows 8 tablet roadmap leaked a few days ago, revealing the company’s intention to launch three tablets powered by Microsoft’s soon to be released Windows 8 operating system. Bloggers and journalists have used the roadmap to argue that the pricing is too high

Nokia: Windows 8 Surface-Like Tablet


  The Lumia 920 smartphone may not be the only Windows-based device Nokia will soon release. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the company is looking “very closely” at making a Windows 8 tablet.At a company event in New York this week, Elop pointed out the “real opportunity”

Lenovo: Surface will be good addition to a competitive market

Lenovo vs Microsoft

Lenovo’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division head Gianfrano Lanci said on Thursday that Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8-powered Surface tablet will be a good addition to a competitive market. Lanci welcomed the tablet at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin on Thursday, despite

Windows 8 vs Windows RT: what’s the difference?


We’re about to enjoy the biggest change in Windows since the Rolling Stones helped start Windows 95: when Windows 8 ships later this year, it will come in three key flavours. Windows 8 is the standard version, Windows 8 Pro has some more

Dell Launches Windows RT Tablet and a Tablet-Ultrabook Hybrid

Dell unveiled its Dell XPS Duo 12, a tablet-ultrabook hybrid, as well as Dell XPS 10, the company’s first foray into the Windows RT tablet market at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany.

The ARM-based XPS 10 looks to be a strong Microsoft Surface competitor with a HD touch screen, microUSB connector, microSD slot and a removable keyboard dock.

The tablet’s most interesting feature, though, is its battery. According to Dell, the XPS 10 can run for 20 hours on a single charge.

As far as the XPS Duo 12 goes (pictured above), it’s a 12-inch device with a full HD (1920×1080) display and a flip hinge that transforms it from tablet to ultrabook and vice versa.

The device should be super durable as it’s made of machined aluminum, carbon fiber and Corning Gorilla Glass.

Dell did not provide a price or availability date for either device.



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