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Microsoft Boxes Apple’s Ears With Surface Tablet


You really don’t get a sense of just how limited the iPad is until you actually explore the Surface tablet that Microsoft released last week. It is like the designers sat down over beers and argued over every single shortcoming

Windows Surface FAQs


Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Surface shows that the company has every intention of moving into the tablet market that formerly was the near-exclusive domain of the Apple iPad. I still remember those Steve Ballmer presentations where he expressed disdain for both the iPhone and

Surface vs. iPad

  Microsoft Surface RT* Apple iPad OS Windows RT iOS CPU Nvidia Tegra 3 Apple A5X (ARM Cortex A9) Storage 32GB/64GB 16GB/32GB/64GB Card slot microSD none Display 10.6″ (16:9) (1366×768) 9.7″ (4:3) (2048×1536) Power 31.5 W-h 25 W·h Weight 676



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