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Microsoft Surface tablet: Features

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is setting the stage to release its tablet the ‘Surface’ running Microsoft’s latest OS offering — the Windows 8. Surface will have two versions: Surface RT, powered by an ARM chip running on Windows RT, another version of the new

Microsoft Surface RT vs ASUS Vivo Tab RT


With popular tablet makers launching a gamut of devices, enthusiasts have much reason to rejoice. Microsoft recently unveiled its Surface tablets – Surface Pro and Surface RT. Joining in the race of Windows 8 powered tablets is ASUS, one of the

Microsoft Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Which Tablet Will You Want?

Microsoft’s new tablets will arrive in two versions. Which is right for you?

The Surface Pro promises ro­­bust computing in a slimmed-down package. We haven’t seen any real Windows 8 software yet, so there we must withhold judgment. But Surface Pro will be able to do anything a desktop or laptop can do



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