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Microsoft Surface Tablet Price

Surface $399

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer has been quiet about how much his company’s upcoming Surface Tablet will cost. In an interview over the weekend Ballmer finally opened up. While we don’t have an exact price we now know a range. Ballmer told the Seattle Times,

All Microsoft Employees will get free Surface Tablet

X-mas Steve

Christmas is certainly coming early for over 90,000 Microsoft employees this year. The technology giant is promising its workers a brand new Windows 8 PC for work, a new Windows Phone 8 handset, and a Microsoft Surface tablet, reports GeekWire. The move

Google Nexus 7 & Microsoft Surface: where will the tablets be sold?

Steve Ballmer indicates Surface will be sold directly by Microsoft, while the Nexus 7 pops up for preorder at EBGames.   When Microsoft lifted the lid on its Surface tablets a few weeks ago it didn’t really touch on how



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