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Microsoft’s unhealthy relationships


BERKELEY, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Microsoft Corp. is getting heat from vendors, such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc., over its branded Surface tablet computer. This will result in demands by vendors of Windows computers and tablets to get a better

Microsoft Surface Street Art Appears in NYC

Microsoft has taken to the streets to advertise its upcoming line of Surface tablets.

The Verge first posted a gallery of photos showcasing Surface artwork on a building wall in New York City – three tablet outlines, complete with colored keyboard attachments, were highlighted by a line of lights.

With no pricing information or further details

Lenovo dings Microsoft Surface: We’ll provide better hardware

Lenovo executives believe it can beat Microsoft on hardware and claims not to be worried about Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

During Lenovo’s first fiscal quarter 2013 earnings call, executives didn’t mince words in attacking Microsoft’s Surface strategy.

“Although we don’t like Microsoft providing hardware, for us, it just adds one more competitor,” Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing

Microsoft Surface RT vs. Surface Pro: Which Tablet Will You Want?

Microsoft’s new tablets will arrive in two versions. Which is right for you?

The Surface Pro promises ro­­bust computing in a slimmed-down package. We haven’t seen any real Windows 8 software yet, so there we must withhold judgment. But Surface Pro will be able to do anything a desktop or laptop can do

Why Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Shames the PC Industry

On June 18, Microsoft (MSFT) beckoned 200 or so members of the media to a grimy, industrial part of Hollywood for what it described as a can’t-miss affair. Dutiful reporters met at the appointed hour—3:30 p.m.—at a film and art

Microsoft Surface vs Windows Phone 8: Two platforms with same vision

Microsoft is about to release two products that will directly compete with Apple and Google. Microsoft’s mobile strategy is divided into two parts, the Windows 8 via its Microsoft Surface tablet and other PCs, laptops and tablets of its partners,

Microsoft’s Surface: Unlikely to succeed?

Since heading home from the hospital and catching up on the news I had missed, I have formed some opinions on Microsoft’s new hardware. I believe Microsoft was inspired to develop its Surface tablet when it began to notice the



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