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Lenovo: Surface will be good addition to a competitive market

Lenovo vs Microsoft

Lenovo’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) division head Gianfrano Lanci said on Thursday that Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8-powered Surface tablet will be a good addition to a competitive market. Lanci welcomed the tablet at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin on Thursday, despite

Microsoft’s Surface: Unlikely to succeed?

Since heading home from the hospital and catching up on the news I had missed, I have formed some opinions on Microsoft’s new hardware. I believe Microsoft was inspired to develop its Surface tablet when it began to notice the

Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Hurt iPad, iPhone Even Apple TV Sales

The Microsoft Surface tablet has the potential to cut into sales of Apple iPads, iPhones and even Apple’s rumored TV—if the tablet is all that Microsoft says it is. Unfortunately, no one will know if that’s the case for some time.

Microsoft gave its longtime hardware partners a poke in the eye when

it introduced two



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