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Microsoft Surface tablet release date confirmed in SEC filing

Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will release its upcoming Surface tablet to coincide with Windows 8 US availability on October 26. The company revealed the date in a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing on Thursday. Microsoft has

Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Hurt iPad, iPhone Even Apple TV Sales

The Microsoft Surface tablet has the potential to cut into sales of Apple iPads, iPhones and even Apple’s rumored TV—if the tablet is all that Microsoft says it is. Unfortunately, no one will know if that’s the case for some time.

Microsoft gave its longtime hardware partners a poke in the eye when

it introduced two

Microsoft trumps Apple

Surface ad enjoys top June shares

Microsoft’s advert for its highly-anticipated Surface tablet was the most shared video campaign in June.

The ad lasts just over a minute, and features shots of the device on a white table in a brightly lit room. Despite the fact that the product only arrived in the second half of the month, it

Microsoft Surface tablets: the differences between Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro models

Surfaces. Turns out, the plural form of Microsoft’s new tablet range rolls off of the tongue with ease, but understanding the differences between the first two models may not be quite as easy — particularly for the everyman, or folks intimately familiar with Microsoft’s other Surface. Two editions — Surface for Windows RT and Surface for Windows 8 Pro — were unveiled today in Los Angeles, and while the exterior

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets: What Experts are Saying

While nearly a week has passed since Microsoft announced its Surface tablets, details about the slates remain sketchy. What isn’t sketchy, though, are the strong opinions of technology watchers about the new devices.

Without doubt, the Surface tablets — one line running Windows RT, the other running Windows 8 — have their fans and detractors, but most acknowledge the

Surface presentation FAIL

Nvidia confirms Tegra under the hood of Microsoft Surface Win RT edition

Microsoft may be tight lipped about what lies beneath all that metal and glass in their Surface tablet, but Nvidia have just confirmed that the Windows RT version of the Surface will indeed be powered by their Tegra processor. Now, they haven’t



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