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All Microsoft Employees will get free Surface Tablet

X-mas Steve

Christmas is certainly coming early for over 90,000 Microsoft employees this year. The technology giant is promising its workers a brand new Windows 8 PC for work, a new Windows Phone 8 handset, and a Microsoft Surface tablet, reports GeekWire. The move

IFA 2012: Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablet - Berlin IFA 2012

Berlin’s annual IFA consumer electronics show is one of the world’s biggest and we’ve been scouring the show floor for the latest technology and gadgets. Despite the sheer vastness of stuff throbbing for our attention, several clear themes emerged from this

100 million tablets in 2012, 3 million will be Microsoft Surface

Although Apple is expected to sell tens of millions more iPad models (including the expected iPad Mini) in the second half of 2012 alongside the tens of millions already sold, and various Androids taking, in total, the number two spot, both will have a giant first run of 3 million Microsoft Surface RT Tablets to contend with as a genuine competitive threat.

The Poisonous Price Tag Of $199 Damages Microsoft’s Surface RT

“Microsoft Surface to retail at $199!” The various headlines around the web  are going to cause problems for Microsoft.

I’ve no inside information on the launch price of the Surface RT, but let’s assume it’s true. Is Microsoft taking $80 out of that price to pay for the operating system? Probably not, so right there they’ve got an advantage of almost a third of the retail price over their hardware partners. The price is comparable to the Nexus 7, but the bill of materials is likely much higher.

Lenovo dings Microsoft Surface: We’ll provide better hardware

Lenovo executives believe it can beat Microsoft on hardware and claims not to be worried about Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

During Lenovo’s first fiscal quarter 2013 earnings call, executives didn’t mince words in attacking Microsoft’s Surface strategy.

“Although we don’t like Microsoft providing hardware, for us, it just adds one more competitor,” Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing

Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?

We’ll admit to being a little blown away when Microsoft launched the Surface — it was an impressively polished tablet that we had heard barely a whisper of leading up to the mysterious launch event. But, there was one thing that we were still left wondering: how much would it cost? Now, with Acer getting all in a huff

Microsoft Surface Launches With Windows 8 On October 26

During the Microsoft Surface event back in June, Microsoft said that the Windows RT version of the device would launch alongside Windows 8. Now that we know Windows 8 will be launching on October 26, does that claim still hold



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