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What to expect in the mobile space the rest of the year

As the excitement over the iPhone 5 wanes, it is easy to assume the mobile space will get quiet for a while. This isn’t going to be the case, as the remaining months in 2012 look to be big for mobile

Is it the right time to buy a tablet?


The tablet market finally seems to have moved beyond a one-horse, Apple iPad monopoly. Google’s Nexus 7 has made a splash in the tablet market, and Amazon’s unveiling of the new Kindle Fire lineup will shake things up a bit

iPad to Challenge Microsoft Surface Tablet With Smart Cover: Report

Apple could debut an iPad cover with touch-screen capability, according to a patent filing revealed in early August.

Apple is certainly no stranger to innovation, and with the expectations running higher than ever, the company may be gearing up to steal yet more thunder from the tablet market it already dominates. According to patent documents filed Aug. 2 with the

How Microsoft can convince me to ditch my iPad

By Patrick Gray

With the recent announcement by Microsoft of its own tablet hardware, I find myself in a similar position as many iPad owners — that is, wondering if I’ll ditch my Apple iPad for a Microsoft Surface tablet once they’re released. While there are still many questions around the Surface series of devices, here’s what Microsoft will need to provide for me to ditch my iPad for their newest



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