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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is setting the stage to release its tablet the ‘Surface’ running Microsoft’s latest OS offering — the Windows 8. Surface will have two versions: Surface RT, powered by an ARM chip running on Windows RT, another version of the new OS, and an Intel-based version called Surface Pro. Microsoft is planning a midnight launch for the Surface on October 25, as the firm seeks to build momentum ahead of its

Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface Tablet

microsoft surface

Microsoft hasn’t even held the big unveil event for its new Surface Tablet yet, and we’re already hearing whispers of what the company’s future might hold. Today, in take-with-a-grain-of-salt-news, sources are reporting that Microsoft will follow up the imminent release of its Surface tablet with a Windows Phone-8 based Surface smartphone in early 2013, according to The China Times. The newspaper spoke to sources who indicated Microsoft has been working on a

Intel: Atom Powered Windows 8 Tablets


The tablet may not be a new concept but let’s face it, Apple revolutionized the idea and brought it back to the mainstream when they introduced the iPad. Now on it’s third version and with a new 7-inch version called the iPad Mini supposedly scheduled to be unveiled in October, it continues to rule the tablet market despite valiant efforts from Google and Samsung to try and take the crown away. However,

Microsoft Surface Tablet Features: Can App Quality Win Over Quantity in Fight with Apple iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle Fire 2, Google Nexus 7?


The importance of the success of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet in conjunction with its Windows 8 software can’t be overstated. With the tablet market growing more competitive and crowded every day, now is the time for Microsoft to strike with its tablet device if the company wants to remain relevant. But with other similar devices offering far more apps than the Surface, can quality win out over quantity? The world’s largest

What to expect in the mobile space the rest of the year

As the excitement over the iPhone 5 wanes, it is easy to assume the mobile space will get quiet for a while. This isn’t going to be the case, as the remaining months in 2012 look to be big for mobile technology. Tablets on the way While only a rumor, the iPad Mini is expected to arrive in October to much fanfare. In the past it has not been prudent to

Is it the right time to buy a tablet?


The tablet market finally seems to have moved beyond a one-horse, Apple iPad monopoly. Google’s Nexus 7 has made a splash in the tablet market, and Amazon’s unveiling of the new Kindle Fire lineup will shake things up a bit as well. With so many great tablet options on the table, many businesses and consumers who have been waiting patiently on the sidelines might be ready to take the plunge

Has Microsoft lost the tablet war before it begins?


Asus’ Windows 8 tablet roadmap leaked a few days ago, revealing the company’s intention to launch three tablets powered by Microsoft’s soon to be released Windows 8 operating system. Bloggers and journalists have used the roadmap to argue that the pricing is too high to compete effectively against Apple iPads and Android tablets. Taken aside that the pricing may not be final, it seems like they are right, if you only compare price and



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