More Microsoft tablets in 2013

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Although Microsoft is just getting started with its 2012 Surface tablets (as shown above), the company plans to launch three new devices in the next year, according to a well-known source of leaks. The so-called “MS Nerd” posted details about these supposed Surface tablets on a protected Twitter feed. Neowin spotted the tweets and posted the Windows tablets’ details. According to this source, Microsoft will release another ARM-based Surface tablet

32 GB Microsoft Surface has only 16 GB of free space


The 32 GB Microsoft Surface starts at the same price as Apple’s 16 GB iPad with Retina display, and now we may know why. The Surface actually has only 16 gigabytes of free space. That means users who buy the flagship Microsoft tablet will only have about half the storage space that’s advertised to install their own apps and store movies, music, books and any other kind of content. Microsoft

Microsoft Boxes Apple’s Ears With Surface Tablet


You really don’t get a sense of just how limited the iPad is until you actually explore the Surface tablet that Microsoft released last week. It is like the designers sat down over beers and argued over every single shortcoming they found in the iPad and then built into Surface just the right features to make the iPad look inadequate. It is as if they put their decade of frustration

Microsoft Surface Tablet is Released – You can Order it now!

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Who says that pretty can’t be practical? It’s time for a tablet that’s more than meets the eye. Powerful processing and beautiful design unite on Surface. Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, Surface’s integrated Kickstand and revolutionary Touch Cover let you work, play, and connect with others like never before. Plug into external displays like projectors and HDTV, and share your world . Pre-loaded with Windows RT, Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Surface – Full Review


Some time ago, top executives at Microsoft (MSFT) realized the company needed to make some major strategic changes to adapt in a marketplace that was in the early days of a huge shift. Many would argue that the decision came later than it should have, and they could present some solid arguments. Microsoft’s entry into the tablet space and re-entry into the smartphone arena indeed came late, and the company has paid the price

Surface – Video Spot

New Microsoft Surface Video Spot. Don’t forget – October 26 is a release date for Surface RT.  

Microsoft Surface Price


Though Microsoft has yet to announce the pricing for its Surface tablet, one analyst is tipping the cost of the RT version between $400-$500 and the Pro between $799-$899. “Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about the price of its Microsoft Surface range of tablets,” independent analyst Sameer Singh wrote in a blog post. Singh was apparently tired of waiting and decided to come up with his own estimate, based on former bill of



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