Microsoft Takes On Apple And Samsung


As Samsung, Apple and HTC are battling in court over broken patents and litigation, Microsoft is deciding to take this lull in focus as a chance to leapfrog to the top of the charts. Its new Windows Phone called the Surface will run on the latest operating system of Windows and is geared up to be packed full of technology and gizmos that will make the others stand up and take note that Bing and Microsoft aren’t out of the running for 2012’s best smartphone.

Running on OS 8.0.9754.0, using a benchmarking app called WP Bench, the Windows Phone will be up to scratch when it is compared to iOS and Android’s latest developments. However, most people will prefer the other two operating systems until they get used to Windows operating systems, but Microsoft knows a thing or two about OS systems so the upgrades will be often and very keenly made. Although theMicrosoft Surface is the firm’s first smartphone and the reports aren’t exactly confirmed yet, it does seem that with Bing’s strength in the marketplace growing then it is certainly a possibility.

If Microsoft are worried that their phone cannot compete quite yet with the likes of the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, as well as the new Nokia Lumia 920, then it could be a few months before we see the Surface surface on the Mobile Phone Checker mobile phone contract comparison site as they will wait until the iPhone 5 mania has died down. So that looks like a 2013 release date for the Microsoft Surface and that’s not a bad thing.

Hopefully, Microsoft don’t put all the eggs in one basket as a flop of smartphone can be really damaging, especially if it’s the first one. However, as Google has done with the Nexus 7 the firm could simply link up with a quality smartphone maker such as Asus or Samsung and create a smartphone that already has a reputation and therefore it’s all down to the quality of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. What actually happens remains to be seen but with the incredible popularity of Samsung and Apple’s products for a firm the size of Microsoft getting on the bandwagon of the smartphone industry and the tablet PC market, it could be all too enticing to ignore.

A collaboration with Nokia would also help both companies, as the Nokia Lumia  800 deals range that the Finnish firm is throwing out look exquisite, but the marketing isn’t up to scratch and it could be too little too late for Nokia. However, as it runs on Windows operating system the development of the two popular companies could launch an attack on Apple and Samsung; two firms that are obviously going to be constantly battling in court over patent laws.

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 source: cmvlive

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