Microsoft Surface tablet appears on Amazon Germany

Several variants of Microsoft Surface tablet have been seen on Amazon’s Germany site. Meanwhile people are calling it a true iPad killer

Windows Surface Tablets seems to be making faster headway to launch than previously anticipated. Though the Redmond based tech giant demoed the tablet last month, there is still no clarity as to when it will be available for purchase. Its pricing also seems to be a question that has gone unanswered till now.But before Microsoft launches its tablets in the market there are reasons to believe that the largest software company in the world is under immense pressure to manage a turnaround. For the first time in its history following its going public, the company has faced a quarterly loss in its revenue. This may be the reason that the company is trying to diversify to bring out a great product that may win the hearts of millions of people who would like to use complete Windows on their tablets.Meanwhile the largest online retailer Amazon’s Germany website has showcased five variants of Windows Surface tablets on its website. Though the portal doesn’t really talks of a definite release date or pricing of the gadgets, it tries to convey to people that release is very close.All the models on the Amazon’s Germany website are the ones that have been made public so far and come with 10.6 inch display. The website doesn’t have any pricing detail of the products.

Surface has attracted people from across the world and it will certainly be a good competitor for Apple’s iPad brand. The Surface is an ambitious effort by Microsoft that directly takes on Apple and the horde of Android-powered mobile computing devices. The tablet from Microsoft is a hardware-software combo right from the heart of Microsoft. The same as we predicted a Windows RT version, it’s quite a surprise that Microsoft has thrown in a Windows 8 version of the Surface that will take the tablet war to the next level.

Surface with Windows 8 Pro will certainly be the best Microsoft bet. It is certainly going to be making a big impact in the tablet market. Other than tablet, it can also give tough time to ultrabooks. The Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro will run on an Intel processor that will be capable of running regular applications. Additionally, the tablet will offer a higher resolution screen and more options, including a better battery life geared towards the demanding professional. People will certainly not mind paying for the tablets given the great specs. The Windows 8 version is 13.5 mm thick and weighs 903 grams – that’s 4.2 mm thicker and 227 grams heavier than the Windows RT tablet. Compared to the Windows RT tablet, this one offers USB 3.0 with USB 2.0 compatibility, and a mini DisplayPort Video. The Surface Windows 8 Pro model comes in two versions – with 64GB and 128GB storage options. There’s a microSDXC slot for extra storage. Microsoft seems to have been badly disappointed by smartphone manufacturers with whom it has partnered so far. Now it doesn’t want to fail once again and so decided to take a direct plunge in the fast expanding tablet market. This is certainly the best time to test the waters and finally make an impact.


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