Microsoft Surface RT vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

In the battle of tablets, Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy 10.1 faces stiff rivalry from Apple’s iPad, while Microsoft is set to drop a bomb on the tech world with the launch of its Surface tablets.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets will be available in two versions, the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. The Surface RT and the Galaxy Note 10.1 are both packed with high-end features and hardware to entice users. Below are some features users should consider when selecting the best tablet.

The Surface RT is expected to boast a 10.6-inch screen with 1366×768 resolution, compared to the 10.1-inch display and 1280 x 800 resolution of Galaxy Note 10.1.

A quad-core 1.4-GHz processor with 2GB of RAM powers the Galaxy Note 10.1. The Surface RT has the NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM chip.

Storage Capacity
The Surface RT will be on offer with 32/64 GB storage options, while Galaxy Note 10.1 is available in 16/32/54GB. Both tablets also provide a microSD card slot to expand the memory. Notably, the Surface RT will also have a USB port, which is missing from the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Operating System
As its name suggests, Surface RT will run on the Windows RT operating system. The Galaxy Note 10.1 runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Weight and Thickness
The Surface RT will weigh 676 grams and will be 9.3-mm thick, whereas the Galaxy Note 10.1 weighs just 580 grams and is 8.9-mm thick.

Unique Features
Surface RT’s unique feature is the choice of two screen covers, which attach magnetically and fold down to reveal a keyboard. Galaxy Note 10.1 stands out with its Stylus, S Pen, and Multiscreen feature, which allows users to operate two apps simultaneously.

With a gamut of desirable features, both Microsoft Surface RT and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will appeal to tablet fans.

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2 comments on “Microsoft Surface RT vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  1. Ron P. says:

    If I buy the Windows RT will I still be able to download Android apps and use them? I have a Samsung Galaxy 11 smartphone at the moment. Will I still be able to interface with it?

  2. admin says:

    Windows RT doesn’t use Google Play (Google Store) and you will not be able to re-use payed Apps on it. This is the same like Apple Store and Google Store – e.g. you need to buy Angry birds for you iPhone, extra for Android and again for WinRT

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