Microsoft Surface price leaked: from $980

Swedish retailer Webhallen has posted prices for Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet online – and they’re considerably more than hoped The Microsoft Surface tablet has leaked online in Sweden with a price of 6990 kroner for the 32GB Windows RT model – a pricing that translates to around AUD $980.

Swedish online retailer listed Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet range on its site, with the top end version (128GB) selling for an extremely large 14990 kroner or AUD$2100. And that doesn’t even appear to include the much-lauded keyboard case.

It’s extremely important to keep in mind that these are leaked prices and may not be final or even anything like the official pricing when it is announced. But in the wake of the success Google is having with a sub $300 Nexus 7, it has always been clear that Microsoft would need to be very careful about where it positioned the price point for the Surface devices – and the $1000 mark isn’t it.

Source : PC & Tech Authority

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