How Microsoft can convince me to ditch my iPad

By Patrick Gray

With the recent announcement by Microsoft of its own tablet hardware, I find myself in a similar position as many iPad owners — that is, wondering if I’ll ditch my Apple iPad for a Microsoft Surface tablet once they’re released. While there are still many questions around the Surface series of devices, here’s what Microsoft will need to provide for me to ditch my iPad for their newest tablet offering.

How I work

It’s helpful to understand how someone works before accepting their thoughts on a computing device as gospel or deeming them as an object of ridicule. For example, as someone who travels constantly, light weight and portability are major concerns for me. I spend my days interacting with a variety of computing devices that perform desktop-centric tasks (writing this article, for instance), but I also use a tablet as a digital notepad of sorts when interacting with clients. Thus, a multi-role device like Surface is verycompelling

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