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Why Microsoft’s Surface failed while Apple’s iPad is thriving


At first glance, to most consumers, the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface RT tablet computer look somewhat similar. They are both rectangular, have crisp screens and can boast a slick and clean design interface. Yet on Thursday Microsoft announced that

Microsoft Surface Teardown

Microsoft Surface Teardown

On there is a great article how to teardown your Surface. If you  want to know what is inside Microsoft Surface table visit iFixit: Microsoft Surface Teardown.   source: ifixit

Microsoft Surface Pro – Review

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s second tablet, the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, was originally announced back in June 2012, with a launch date pencilled in for 90 days after the ARM-based Surface with Windows RT. That’s fast approaching, and while a specific launch date remains

Jailbreak for Windows 8 RT

A developer calling himself ‘clrokr’ has found a way of bypassing the code integrity checking feature in Windows RT. Windows RT is the version of Windows 8 designed for tablets containing ARM processors. The bypass should enable users to run

Linux on Surface?

Linux on Surface?

Microsoft’s Surface tablet is an interesting specimen for a couple of reasons, but one of the biggest is that it’s a tablet that features a desktop OS (although the RT edition is very scaled-down). Because of this, some had hoped

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Though its release date is still unclear, Microsoft Surface Pro features are already talk of the town. If priced rightly it is going to give tough fight to Apple’s iPad 4 and other market leaders It is going to be

Xmas tips for new Microsoft tablet owners

X-mas Steve

Congratulations! Someone loved you enough to give you the gift of a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT. I’m imagining you sitting there next to the tree with the package unwrapped, and a gleam in your eye as you consider returning



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