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Problem: Can’t send email from Mail App

If you can’t send email using your Microsoft Surface Tablet with standard Mail application – you are not alone with this problem. Actually there is “small” bug in Mail App that is responsible that App can’t authenticate with your mail

Problem: WiFi tethering/hotspot with iPhone – can’t connect

If you want to use your iPhone Tethering (hotspot) to connect your Surface Tablet on the Internet you can get surprise – Your Tablet doesn’t see your iPhone Hotspot at all. Problem is that Surface doesn’t recognize WiFi network with

Review: Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope

… coomming soon …

Review: Skype for Windows RT – rating (3/5)

Skype for Windows 8/Windows RT

I like Skype and I using it on all my devices, but I have to say that implementation for Windows RT is the worst version ever. The main problem are Limitation of Windows RT and Metro apps, but Skype Team

32 GB Microsoft Surface has only 16 GB of free space


The 32 GB Microsoft Surface starts at the same price as Apple’s 16 GB iPad with Retina display, and now we may know why. The Surface actually has only 16 gigabytes of free space. That means users who buy the



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