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Microsoft Surface tablet release date confirmed in SEC filing

Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will release its upcoming Surface tablet to coincide with Windows 8 US availability on October 26. The company revealed the date in a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing on Thursday. Microsoft has

Microsoft Surface Launches With Windows 8 On October 26

During the Microsoft Surface event back in June, Microsoft said that the Windows RT version of the device would launch alongside Windows 8. Now that we know Windows 8 will be launching on October 26, does that claim still hold

Microsoft Surface price leaked: from $980

Swedish retailer Webhallen has posted prices for Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet online – and they’re considerably more than hoped The Microsoft Surface tablet has leaked online in Sweden with a price of 6990 kroner for the 32GB Windows RT model –

Why Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Shames the PC Industry

On June 18, Microsoft (MSFT) beckoned 200 or so members of the media to a grimy, industrial part of Hollywood for what it described as a can’t-miss affair. Dutiful reporters met at the appointed hour—3:30 p.m.—at a film and art

Microsoft Surface vs Windows Phone 8: Two platforms with same vision

Microsoft is about to release two products that will directly compete with Apple and Google. Microsoft’s mobile strategy is divided into two parts, the Windows 8 via its Microsoft Surface tablet and other PCs, laptops and tablets of its partners,

Microsoft’s Surface: Unlikely to succeed?

Since heading home from the hospital and catching up on the news I had missed, I have formed some opinions on Microsoft’s new hardware. I believe Microsoft was inspired to develop its Surface tablet when it began to notice the

Windows 8 Release Date Announced, Microsoft Surface Tablets To Follow Soon?

We’ve been eager to learn more about the upcoming Windows 8 ever since we first talked about it more than one year ago, and despite the fact that the company did not reveal, at the time, any information concerning the



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